March 1

Why Volkswagen Polo looks new even after years?

In this video I have explained that why my VW Polo looks new even after 6 years. Prime reason is Volkswagen doesn't do any cost cutting in build quality, top notch paint quality is provided, metal sheet doesn't have waviness even after years, plastic materials doesn't turn grey, panel gaps look even without getting loosened after years of abuse and car hold itself like a champion on Indian Roads. You will not find VW cars interior rattling or parts falling off. German engineering is quite visible in every part of the car with attention to detail in looks and durability.

On the top of it, their cars are safe and VW Polo is the only car in B2 segment which has secured 4 stars out of 5 in Crash ratings with its body rated as Stable.

Swift has 2 stars out of 5 with unstable body Baleno has 3 stars with unstable body Hyundai i20 Elite has 3 stars and body is rated as unstable.

I firmly support and spread a word about my car to ensure my known ones buy a safer and better build car instead of buying unsafe cars and with lot of cost cutting done. I urge you members to do some study before putting your money into something that is not worth it.

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