July 31

Why my father bought VW Polo Trendline in 2021

Why VW Polo over Ignis and Tiago

Here in this video, my father is discussing about his car buying decision making process. He initially started with a budget of 7 lacs and wanted to have a safe car that practically feels spacious like Wagon R. He never liked cars with less height. So, I suggested him Maruti Ignis and Tata Tiago XZ which are fine cars as per the cost.

When we checked Tiago at Dada Motors Ludhiana, he was not very impressed with the shape and fit & finish of Tiago. He was more keen & interested in Tata Nexon & Altroz but both cars were out of our budget. Dada Motors hospitality was so so and nothing to praise about. Then we visited Dada Motors Mahindra to check XUV3OO but their salesman was least interested to sell that car and we came back after pathetic sales experience.

Deal we couldn't resist by Volkswagen

Then, we asked Lovely Autos NEXA to send us Maruti Ignis for a test ride and we were almost sure that we are going to buy a Maruti Ignis Alpha/Delta for peace of mind ownership and space.

But when he drove and checked out Ignis, he wasn't impressed and almost dropped the plan to buy a new car. I kept him convincing for Nexon, Amaze, Tiago and Altroz because I wanted him to buy a safe yet a spacious car that suits his needs. But the other day, I visited Lally Motors, Ludhiana for some checkup work for my T-Roc and there I casually checked prices for Polo Trendline.

But their salesman Taranjeet ji, immediately made a very good month end offer of 30K discount, loyalty bonus and corporate bonus as extra. He promised me some other goodies too. We striked the deal at just Rs 6.50 lacs when their Vice-President Mr.Rohit Sharma intervened to offer a mouth watering deal. I booked the car immediately for my father and next day he came, checked out the car and was really happy to get such a product at such low price. (Imagine, we were paying 7.10 lacs for Delta Ignis).

Now he is really happy to have a Polo despite its shortcomings.

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