October 20

Why Mahindra Alturas G4 isn’t a worthy competitor to Toyota Fortuner?

Here are some pros and cons about Mahindra Alturas shared by an owner after driving about 2200Kms.

Mahindra Alturas Pros
  • Superb build quality. Feels robust. Paint, fit & finish are very good. Nothing to complain here.
  • Top of the line safety and convenience features. Some are not available in the competition such as 9 airbags, ventilated front seats, 7 speed Autobox & 360 deg camera with all round sensors.
  • Availability of 3 Memory option on the driver seat position is super convenient if you are chauffeur driven.
  • Super refined BS VI engine.
  • Fantastic 7 speed G-Tronic Auto Gearbox sourced from Mercedes. Shifts are seamless.
  • The Auto Hold feature is very useful for automatics in stop-go city traffic and likewise the resume cruise control feature for highway traffic.
  • Super silent cabin. NVH levels very well controlled.
  • Light steering for city drives and weighs up decently at high speeds.
  • Plush interiors like Napa leather seats and on the dash board too, high quality switches and buttons(feels very premium).
  • Ergonomics are good & music system is decent.
  • Massive road presence(other road users make way for you to go). Its a Limousine SUV.
Mahindra Alturas Cons
  • Third row seats. Its too low to sit. Its best suited for kids or short agile adults.
  • Due to the small rear quarter window, there is insufficient natural light in the third row. Can feel claustrophobic.
  • Sun roof is small for an SUV of this size. Could have been a bigger panoramic like the Endy 3.2.
  • 18 inch wheels look small for this huge SUV. The global Rexton G4 has 20 inch wheels. They look good aesthetically. I don't know about the ride quality(may not suit Indian roads).
  • The global Rexton G4 gets the Infinity Audio System with power amplifier and sub-woofer, but the Alturas gets a downgraded version without the amp and sub-woofer.
  • Due to the high GC, getting in and out for older people is an effort. Side stepper is a must and its not a standard supply.
  • Though looks are subjective, the design language is Korean. May not appeal to all.
  • Alarms at 80 kmph and non stop alarm after 120 kmph. Kind of annoying.
  • Front passenger seat adjustment is not electric. The Fortuner has.

Info Source: Team-BHP

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