December 21

Why LATIN NCAP is giving ZERO stars to all cars in Safety Crash Test

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Latin NCAP has tested over 20 cars in 2021 and almost all of them have scored ZERO stars. Same cars got 4 to 5 stars a couple of years back but Latin NCAP has updated their safety crash test protocol in 2020 in which they have become very strict and almost like Euro NCAP ensuring top-class safety in LATIN America and the Caribbean area where these cars are sold.

However, the one car which has excelled in the test results and has scored 5 stars despite these new protocol rules is Volkswagen Taos. It was able to score perfect 5 stars because of the solid build quality, stable bodyshell, having 6 airbags across all variants, ESC in all variants, Seat Belt Reminder as standard, AEB - Emergency Braking as standard, and other safety features in their base model itself. That has helped Taos to score 5 stars and become the lone warrior standing in these stringent LATIN NCAP Tests. 

Results are calculated as an average of overall marks got in Passenger, Child, Pedestrian, and Assist features. In this video, I have done a case study on Tucson and Taos safety ratings by analyzing ratings on the LATIN NCAP Website itself

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