March 7

Why I want Indian made KIA SETOS to be tested by GNCAP?

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We have seen Car manufacturers in India have done step mother treatment with buyers by providing them inferior cars in India. Not only these cars get stripped for features when they come to India but their structural integrity is compromised too.

We pay same price for the cars as they are priced in Europe or America but since we don’t have strict watchdog in India for quality, these brands follow norms and provide us inferior cars.

Few examples like Hyundai Elite i20 have scored 3 Stars in GNCAP but 4 stars in Euro NCAP.

Indian made Swift scored only 2 stars in GNCAP but 4 stars in Euro Ncap.

Many more such examples are there. These cars have bodyshell rated as unstable in India but their same car’s bodyshell was rated stable by Euro NCAP.

KIA Seltos scored 5 stars in ANCAP which is sold in Australia but we are not sure if Indian made Kia SELTOS has same quality. I want GNCAP to test Kia Seltos tested too so that people buying this car know that it is safe because Car asks for quite a lot premium for their top models.

Cars like Mahindra XUV3OO, Tata Nexon and Tata Altroz scored 5 stars in GNCAP, so if Seltos will score 5 stars too, that will give Indian Buyers another dimension to buy a safer car because other 3 cars don’t belong to this segment.

Along with Seltos, I would like GNCAP to test Indian made Creta, Venue, Vento Ciaz and City.

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