July 12

Why I ignored resale & mileage and preferred Safety & Quality with VW T-Roc

Decision making was never easy for 15 lacs when 6 Airbags and top notch quality was the priority

Buying a car that tick all the boxes within 20 lacs is very difficult in India, each car miss out on one thing or the other.

Korean cars like Seltos & Creta are great on design & convenience but lack build quality like Tata Harrier & Jeep Compass.

Tata Harrier on the other hand lacks fit and finish of a Rs 20 lacs car though it is a still a value for money car as per its size, Engine and space on offer.

Compass is a great product overall with great drive dynamics, various Engine & Transmission options but lose out on dealer network and being overpriced.

In this video I have simply stated my journey of buying a car which started in the mid year. My preferences were safety with 6 airbags, Petrol Engine with Dual Clutch Transmission and space. Budget was around 16 lacs.

Why Korean Twins, Harrier, City & Civic were not cosidered

Hunt started with VW Vento but it lose out because it provides only 4 airbags in the top variant and it was too similar to my VW Polo that I have already for 8 years.

Then Honda City 5th generation was considered but it lose out too because of average build quality, visible cost cutting in many parts and no DCT available. There was no turbo Petrol either.

Hyundai Creta was ruled out from day 1 because of the ugly design.

Tata Harrier was ruled out because of many factors. Though it is one of the best cars under 22 lacs as per the size and power on offer but their showroom experience wasn't classy enough. It didn't inspire confidence to spend around 20+ lacs on a Tata. Moreover, it didn't have any Petrol variants, quality is impeccable but fit & finish definitely needs improvement. Tata still needs to work on last 5% to make it a flawless product. I definitely want this car to sell in volumes.

Honda Civic was rejected because wife didn't like 20+ lacs to be spend on a sedan. I personally liked every bit of Honda Civic. Quality was impeccable. Interior was plush and as good any German luxury car. It didn't had turbo engine and DCT transmission. But 1.8 iVtec naturally aspirated Engine & CVT gearbox was ok with me considering heavy 2 lacs discount and great convenience/safety features with oodles of space on offer.

As discussed above, Jeep Compass was rejected because of limited dealer network. It has only 2 showrooms in Punjab and Jeep's future looks bleak with sales declining every month. So I didn't consider it even though this SUV is perfect in all terms like safety, power and features.

Suddenly VW T-Roc started making sense

Since T-Roc was unavailable in white/grey color, I went ahead and booked Kia Seltos GTX+ DCT variant which cost me around 19.20 lacs. Seltos ticked all the boxes for me of a compact petrol SUV, loaded with safety & convenience features like 6 Airbags, ESC, TC, Hill Assist, heads up display, sunroof, air filter, tire pressure monitoring system, Bose Speakers and much much more. But it was not my first choice especially considering heavy price for GTX variants.

Finally, VW Ludhiana arranged VW T-Roc in Indium Grey color and I cancelled my booking of Kia Seltos. T-Roc is in different league of quality as compared to all cars above. It comes with 4 years of standard warranty, 12 years of paint & corrosion warranty. Have 1.5 TSI Engine with 7 speed DSG gearbox. It has more power than cars above, 150 BHP and 250 NM Torque with 0-100 kmph in just 8.4 seconds.

Comes with heaps of convenient and safety features like Panaromic Sunroof, Dual Zone AC, Heat Ventilated Seats, Leather Seats, Lumbar support, automatic double barrel projector LED headlights, Digital Cockpit, 8" Infotainmnet, 6 speakers, 60:40 split seat, all power windows with anti pinch and one touch up/down, automatic wipers and auto dimming mirrors.

Safety features include 6 airbags, ABS, ESC, TC, Hill Hold, Lane Assist, Park Assist, Isofix mounts, rear camera, front sensors and crash warning.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the video or if any corrections need to be made.

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