November 15

Why don’t Maruti make solid cars

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​I am not against Maruti Suzuki, infact I love their Brezza and S-Cross and they deserve all the accolades. My father has a Wagon R too but problem is with Maruti's latest generation of cars like Celerio, Baleno, Swift and Wagon R which screams cheapness & cost cutting.

They didn't scored well in GNCAP Tests either and rightly so. Their build quality is always under a scanner & Maruti doesn't enjoy a reputation of quality brand. They are enjoying success because of their bullet proof engines, after sales service, resale value and availability of spare parts.

I wish to see Maruti building great cars like VW Polo under 8 lacs budget so that middle class buyers can also experience quality cars with other Maruti's positives.

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Build Quality, GNCAP

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