July 27

Why cars aren’t selling in 2019

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So the blood bath continues. July 2019 recorded lowest ever sales with almost all major car manufacturers recording over 25% decline as compared to last year July sales. Some major reasons of decline are: 

Poor infrastructure in metro cities and 2-tier cities where driving is not a pleasure anymore. These cities are almost choked with no easy parking space left. People now prefer Ola/Uber for a peaceful ride in traffic with no parking or traffic woes.

- People running out of choices in 8-14 lacs SUV segment with only Brezza/Creta as worthy contenders. EcoSports is aged and Mahundra XUV3OO lacks snob value. People are waiting for Kia Seltos in this segment and perhaps that is why MG Hector recorded good sales as it brought fresh air and is a VFM product.

- Bad practices by loan lenders, hiding costs from customers and similar factors have resulted in more bad debts.

- Overall Economy is not in a very good shape and looks like recession cycle of 10 years may come back again. Only the ones who have served their customers with honesty while selling & servicing will survive. Regardless of how bad market is, people will still get their cars serviced. So it is the survival of the toughest and hence ethical businessmen in car business will survive.

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