October 18

When to replace VW tyres

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Tyres are an important part of your car when it comes to drive pleasure, safety while braking and peace of mind during long trips. Have you ever wondered that it is only Tyres that connects your car with roads and nothing else.

So it is really important that you need to be watchful about the quality of your tyres and replace them time to time when there is a need without ignoring. An ignorance here may end up in an accident or you may end up stranded in some remote place if multiple tyres fail.

My new car came up with JK Vectra and they did last around 28000 KMs. They were very average tyres when it comes to highway stability.

My car started juddering/shaking whille applying brakes on high speeds and then I realized that tyres need to be changed. After doing some research on Team-BHP, I changed my tyres with Bridgestone B290 with tyres size of 195/60/R15

Bridgestone completely changed my drive quality, VW Polo is a heavy car and with these tyres car was feeling much more planted on high speeds, stable during rains and less bumpy. I started feeling confident while cornering and there is very less heaviness on steering while cornering fast on highways. These Bridgestone tyres last 52000 KMs and I decided to replace them when they got punctured 3rd time.

Hence, this time I replaced them again with Yokohama S-Drive which cost me Rs 5700 per tyre. They definitely are on the softer side but are better at cornering and highway stability. They are midrange premium tyres from Yokohama.

I will post a long term review soon for these tyres.

If you have a limited budget then please look for MRF or Apollo Alnac. If your budget is little more then go for Bridgestone/Yokohama/Pirelli or Michelin.

It is very important to know how much warranty tyre manufacturer is providing. If someone is providing you uncoditional 2 years warranty and 5 years manufacturing warranty, then definitely prefer that brand.

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