December 11

When to change your car BATTERY | Replacement WARRANTY | Battery BRAND

It is extremely important to know the exact period when to change your car battery without delaying to further avoid electronics damage. I immediately changed it to AMARON FLO 45 AH for my 1.2 MPI VW POLO when I noticed a power dip while cranking my car 3-4 times. It was already 4 years old and I knew that it won't be wise to keep delaying the replacement. 

I preferred Amaron because of its presence in Ludhiana. Amaron comes in GO, FLO, and PRO models as per your car. Exide comes in EPIQ, MATRIX, MILEAGE and EEZY battery models too as per your car and offers long yet different warranty periods.

To know more, you can check Amaron's and Exide official websites. BatteryBhai and BatteryWale are some other good websites too that will help you to know what battery your car needs and what authorized shops are available in your city. 

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