February 23

What VW should do to bounce back?

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In this video, I have discussed that VW need to launch a budget car to please middle class which contributes most in the volumes of market share. 

Why they don't advertise themselves during popular Cricket tournaments like IPL etc? They should market themselves as the safest car makers with German precision in quality and they should educate people about how big they are i.e they are parent brand of Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Skoda, Ducati, SEAT and Lamborghini. 

They need to launch a small SUV, MPV and a full size butch SUV too so that portfolio looks complete.

They need to improve their reputation about service costs and spare parts. As an owner of VW Polo for last 6 years I find their service costs reasonable and their spare parts costs isn't inflated either. Luckily, my engine never needed any repair so far though it has done 70,000 kms on ODO.

Images Coutesy: Express CO UK and AutoCar

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