January 9

What makes Volkswagen Polo better than its rivals?

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​I am in complete awe of my VW Polo which is 6 years old and have done 70,000 KMs on ODO. It has never let me down or didn't had any major breakdown on road. Few points which I like about my Polo and other car reviewers won't tell you are:

1) It has 100% Galvanized steel which doens't let your car corrode over the years

2) It has scored 4 stars in GNCAP Crash Tests and is the only Hatchback in India to score 4 stars. Swift has 2 stars and Baleno, i20 has only 3 stars with their bodyshell are stated as unstable by GNCAP

3) It provides full wheel cladding.

4) You cannot find a single screw inside the cabin.

5) No dancing gear knob at high speed and still no jerks in the ride.

6) I am yet to change my brake pads πŸ™‚

7) Now VW Provides 7 years extended warranty and 4 years of standard warranty

8) Airbags and ABS as standard across all variants

9) It has protection beams on the sides and A-Pillars. Not sure about other cars in this segment.

10) It is very stable on the highways on the high speeds.

11) VW owns Lamborghini, Skoda, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche and Ducati. This gives a feel good factor.

12) They are global leaders in sales and are Germans. Another feel good factor.

​Leave your comments below, if you have any πŸ™‚

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