October 26

What makes TOYOTA URBAN CRUISER the best car under 13 LACS

What makes Urban Cruiser truly a fine car for a common man is its tried & tested platform, 1.5 Litre Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine, Toyota's trust of quality service, cheap service cost, reliability in the long term, cheaper to repair as compared to Turbo Cars, may not show up issues once ethanol 20% Petrol is launched, 4 stars GNCAP safety, many practical features like:
  • 60:40 split seat
  • Cruise Control
  • Start/Stop Engine Switch
  • Auto-dimming IRVM
  • Foldable side mirrors
  • LED Projector headlamps & Fog Lamps
  • Infotainment Screen
  • Auto wipers
  • Auto AC
  • Hill Assist
  • Reverse parking sensors
  • 2 Storage spaces in the dashboard
  • 6 Speakers

Toyota Urban Cruiser Pros
  • Commanding View from front seats, Dad and my spouse appreciate the view from the driver seat and ease of Ingress/ Egress.
  • Good space management, comfortable 4 seaters for long-distance travel and can accommodate occasional 5th passenger.
  • NVH levels are a big unexpected surprise for me, up to 80 KMPH not much engine or road noise. Max I have driven the car is up to 100 KMPH, at 100 KMPH there is a slight engine note and road noise. Nothing to complain about, coming Figo Diesel, I’m in bliss with respect to NVH.
  • Drivability – Excellent, almost similar to my Figo/Fiesta diesel up to 40 KMPH. In 5th gear, you can go as low as 1200 RPM, no engine knocking or Vibrations, as the name suggests it will be an excellent Urban cruiser. On Highways, it has adequate power.
  • Mileage – I’m averaging 17.2 Km/l, most of my drives were on state highways, speed varying between 55 - 80 KMPH. I’m confident of achieving 17+ mileage in highway trips. In a 50 KM trip with no traffic, I was able to achieve 21 Km/l.
  • Toyota Service – Expecting better service experience than Maruti Suzuki 4 star crash rated vehicle.
Toyota Urban Cruiser Neutral
  • Found Urban Cruiser interiors are at an acceptable level when compared to Figo.
  • Ride quality is ok, better than my Figo but feels a little stiff when compared to my Fiesta.
  • Handling – Body roll is well contained, no butterflies in the stomach while taking corners at considerable speed.
  • Urban Cruiser comes with Apollo Alnac 4G tyres. Have a fair bit of ownership experience with Apollo Alnac in Fiesta so decided to continue with factory fitted tyres.
  • AC is good, not a bone chiller like Figo but it's adequate.
  • I bought a High variant which doesn’t come with Tweeters. Audio quality is just ok, will be upgrading to better speakers down the line.
Toyota Urban Cruiser Cons
  • No steering feel or feedback, it weighs up adequately at high speeds. - - But after enjoying Figo/ Fiesta’s hydraulic steering over 150K kilometers, - I’m still making some adjustments and coming to terms with steering behavior.
  • No separate switch to open the boot.
  • No rear AC vent.
  • No ESC and 6 Airbag options.

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