November 17

What is Bharat NCAP | Detailed Analysis

India is becoming the 5th nation in the world to have a crash test grading system of its own.

Key points about BNCAP

  • Thirty requests for model testing
  • Adult and kid occupants would receive different star ratings from BNCAP (COP).
  • The Automotive Industry standard AIS 197 serves as the foundation for the BNCAP crash test program.
  • BNCAP is available for M1 category vehicles with a gross weight of less than 3.5 tonnes and up to eight passengers.
  • The automobile company selects a vehicle model, and the BNCAP team visits the factory using a random sampling base version that is selected and sent to the BNCAP testing center by the manufacturer. OEM representatives and the BNCAP team observe the crash test.
  • Test findings will be gathered and published following approval by the standing committee; BNCAP will publish crash test results and star ratings; CIRT (Central Institute of Road Transport) will issue certificates.

Please watch the full video for detailed information.

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