March 20

What Car Reviewers won’t tell you about Volkswagen Polo?

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​I have noticed that famous car bloggers and Youtube reviewers only talk about features and engine but no one talks about precise differences about the cars of the same segment.

VW Polo is light years ahead product from German giant Volkswagen and I believe, reviewers won’t tell you these points:

  • ​Volkswagen is a parent brand of Skoda, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, SEAT, Bugatti, Porsche and Ducati
  • Volkswagen is globally number one i​n sales as they sell around 1 crore cars globally every year.
  • ​Volkswagen Polo has scored 4 stars out of 5 in GNCAP safety ratings with bodyshell called as stable. Other cars like Swift, Baleno and i20 Elite have only 2 or 3 stars and body is stated as unstable.
  • Volkswagen doesn’t do any cost cutting in plastic parts, interiors or in overall build of the cars.
  • Volkswagen Polo has full wheel cladding. No other car provides full wheel cladding in this segment.
  • Volkswagen Polo has the heaviest metal sheet and 100% Galvanized steel is used for better durability of the car. It’s doors are very heavy and it ooze quality. Other cars feel flimsy and poorly build as compared to Polo.
  • ​Only Volkswagen Polo comes with Airbags and ABS as standard across all variants.
  • ​It has a lazer welded roof which makes as a unibody design and provides more sturdiness.
  • Volkswagen Polo comes with 4 years of standard warranty and 7 years of extended warranty.
  • ​Volkswagen Polo’s gearbox is very durable and highly engineered. It doesn’t shake even 1 bit on high speeds even after 6 years.
  • Volkswagen Polo doesn’t have any rattling or internal noise of loose screws even after 6 years. It feels tightly screwed, no noise in the cabin even after 6 years. Feels and run like brand new.
  • Volkswagen Polo doesn’t have any exposed wires under the dasboard, everything is perfectly covered and nothing looks ugly or exposed or you will never feel that cost cutting is done somewhere.
  • Volkswagen Polo has the best paint quality in the segment and their cars look brand new even after 6 years. They provide 4 years of warranty for their paint too. Other cars start having small dots and waviness in the body. Their paint starts fading and panel gaps starts becoming wider. Not is the case with Volkswagen Polo.

​Pic Credits: GNCAP and Pixabay

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