June 21

VW Virtus 1.0 TSI MT Topline Drive Review 2022

In this video, I have done review of Volkswagen Virtus Virtus 1.0 TSI MT Topline Drive.
Volkswagen Virtus Pros
  • A ‘complete’ car that just might bring some love back to sedans
  • Classy exterior & interior styling, along with solid build quality
  • Cabin has good legroom on offer, supportive seats, perfect ergonomics & enough storage
  • 521-liter boot is the largest in its segment (along with the Slavia’s)
  • 148 BHP engine makes the Virtus among the most fun-to-drive sedans in the segment
  • Sporty 1.0L & 1.5L turbo-petrols are mated to smooth transmissions
  • Sorted suspension offers a balanced ride & handling package
  • Safety features include 6 airbags, ESC, 3-point seatbelts for all, electronic differential lock, brake disc wiping, multi-collision brake and more
  • Features like active cylinder tech, ventilated seats, sunroof, wireless Android Auto and CarPlay, auto headlamps & wipers etc.
  • 6-year extended warranty & 4-year all-inclusive service packages available
Volkswagen Virtus Cons
  • No 1.5L diesel is a major disadvantage in a world where petrol costs over 100 bucks / litre
  • DQ200 DSG transmission has a history of poor reliability & breakdowns in India
  • No MT option available with the 1.5L petrol. The Slavia offers this combination, as does the City
  • Backseat better for 2 healthy adults and a child, rather than 3 adults
  • Lovely 1.5L TSI is only available on the top variant. Should have been there in the mid-trim too
  • Interior quality doesn’t feel up to oldschool VW standards. Body-coloured interior highlights are polarising too
  • Missing some features such as a subwoofer, driving modes (sport), 360-degree camera & electric driver's seat adjustment
  • Turbo-petrols are very sensitive to driving style. FE will drop drastically when you drive hard
  • VW’s after-sales service can be a hit or miss. The brand’s long-term reliability can be patchy as well
  • Slavia's 'clever' touches are missing = no spot on top of the dashboard to place a deity, no smartphone holders on the front seatbacks, no ticket clip on the windshield, no elastic band in the doorpad to keep items in place, or even something as simple as the small reflective tapes on the doors

Source: Team BHP

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