November 30

VW Vento Ownership Review @ 350,000 KMs | 12 Years (Part-2)

This video is part-2 of the ownership review of the Volkswagen Vento. The car is 12 years old and has 350,000 kilometers on the odometer. 

For Part-1 of this video, Click here.

Here is some the quick positives and negatives about the Volkswagen Vento.

What you'll Like
  • A well-built, robust, European sedan
  • Clean and contemporary styling. Boot is superbly integrated
  • Stunning diesel engine. New torque king of the C segment
  • Mature suspension setup. Balanced ride & handling
  • Segment firsts : Reach adjust steering, gear recommender, adjustable driver armrest etc.
  • All-rounded nature; Jack of all trades
What you won't
  • 6.99L Trendline (entry) variant is simply too basic
  • Petrol engine isn't as impressive as the diesel. Average low rpm response
  • Electric power steering. The Vento deserves a pure hydraulic unit
  • Quite a loud & clattery diesel engine
  • Thin 47 dealer all-India network. After sales has yet to prove itself
  • VW's long-term reliability and ownership costs are unknown

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