April 27

VW T-Roc Ground Clearance

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Earlier when it was measured from side claddings, it was 10 inches and was around 255 mm. But that was not the correct way to measure it. Now when it is measure properly, It came out to be 6.90 inches which means 175 mm

The T-Roc is 4342 mm long, 1820 mm wide, 1573 mm tall. It develops 150 PS and 250 NM and weighs 1350 KGs. It has a laden ground clearance of 160mm and a wheelbase of 2595 mm.

The T-Cross (Called Taigun in VW India's site) based on MQB A0-IN is 4200mm long, and has a wheelbase of 2651mm - almost 60mm more than the T-Roc. It is also going to be powered by the 1.5 TSI engine in a slightly detuned version with 130 HP of power, and will have 205mm ground clearance! (This reported GC figure from AutoExpo looks to be the unladen GC, laden GC will still be more than the T-Roc, about 175 mm IMO). It will also have the same 7 speed DSG gearbox and the top end auto variant which will have comparable features to the Taigun is expected to touch 16 lakhs ex-showroom.

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