September 21

VW T-Roc Drive Experience | 1.5 TSI DSG Performance, Mileage & Cylinder Deactivation

Driving Dynamics & Assist Systems:

Under the hood we find VW group’s 1.5-litre TSI EVO that pumps out 150hp and 250nm of torque through the 7-speed DSG gearbox. It’s the same figures you’ll find in the Skoda Karoq, but the T-Roc weighs 50kg less. It hits a ton in under 10 seconds and for a crossover, that's some good figures. This new-gen turbo-petrol engine is captivating in the sense that it enjoys a strong mid-range, and is simultaneously free-revving.

There's a noticeable difference in sport mode as it holds the gears for a longer time before upshifting. You can drop a gear with the paddles for a quick overtake, and the DSG responds instantaneously. We've been driving it with a light foot so far as the engine needs to be run in, and the T-roc adapts accordingly. This engine comes equipped with an intelligent active cylinder technology (ACT) that activates/deactivates 2 cylinders under lighter loads or when coasting. This combined with the automatic start/stop system ensures a good mileage figure.

The Suspension

The suspension remains unchanged from the European version so the ride quality is firm on smooth roads it feels well planted, steady, and corners with confidence. The steering wheel weighs up reasonably well during highway speeds. Body roll is at a minimal and minor undulations are soaked up with ease. At lower speeds going over big potholes, speed bumps, and bad roads, the firmness can be felt. That's the sacrifice made for those excellent highway manners.

The Assist System

Coming to the assist systems, the T-roc is equipped with lane assist, frontal collision warning, and maneuver braking. For lane assist, a yellow icon appears on the display when activated and remains on standby mode. When the vehicle senses clear lane markings on the road, the yellow icon turns green and that means the assist system is ready to take over. When the system is working, you can momentarily take your hands off the steering wheel and notice minor steering corrections the vehicle makes to stay inside the lane. If you go towards the outer edges, the system gently brings you back to the center.

However, this system requires constant attention as well as timely manual steering inputs and if the lane markings are faded/unclear it switches off. I've only tried this feature a couple times on big empty roads with proper markings. Next the frontal collision warning, a system that's on by default every time you start the vehicle. According to online sources and the owner's manual, this system acts as a third eye and will give a warning if it detects an imminent collision, if ignored, the system steps in and brakes automatically. Lastly the maneuver braking, this system works under speeds 10 km/hr. with the help of parking sensors and can also bring the vehicle to a standstill if it detects an obstacle.

More Observations:

  • The electronic parking is loud on the outside whenever it engages/disengages.
  • The automatic start/stop system and the frontal collision warning indicator are on by default whenever the car is started.
  • The voice assistant button on the infotainment as well as the steering doesn’t work. When pressed it says it needs to be activated by the dealer.
  • There is a climatronic Air filter that supposedly filters pollen and pollutants and can be activated from Aircon settings menu.
  • I feel there is an information overload on some of the menus of the virtual cockpit. Some of the displayed information isn’t necessarily important when driving.
  • The door handles creak slightly when closing the door from the inside.
  • The automatic start/stop system sometimes turns off the vehicle before it comes to a complete stand still.
  • Audible seatbelt warning for the front passenger is present.
  • The automatic headlamps are super sensitive and turns on at dusk. If you feel it’s too early for headlights and turn off the headlamps, the vehicle asks you to turn them on again in the display.
  • It's equipped with leaving/coming home feature.
  • TPMS needs to be set in advance with the proper tire pressure.
  • The DSG occasionally shifts to D1 from D2 with higher revs over some bad roads. In these situations, the jerkiness can be felt.
  • Many customization features have been disabled. An OBD eleven (VAG models only) device that plugs into the OBD port should bring them back but apparently map integration in the virtual cockpit can’t be brought back.
  • All four windows are automatic, and the rear windows go roll down completely

Source of Description: Seahawk - Team-BHP

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