January 16

VW Polo Trendline – Quality Analysis Test Score

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When it comes to quality, VW is considered as best in the passenger segment under 25 lacs. Their very basic offering VW Polo provides DNA of German quality despite missing out on a lot of safety and convenience features. Here I have done some real-time quality analysis on my father's VW Polo Trendline to figure out a score out of 100 considering some vital quality elements of quality and safety.

Here are the some points discussed in this video.

  • Bodyshell Integrity
  • Number of airbags
  • Modern Safety Features
  • Doors Feel
  • Wheel Inner Well/Arch Cover
  • Bonnet Insulation and Under Engine Cover
  • Inner Boot Lid/Cover
  • Rubber Beading Quality
  • Engine and Doors Insulation
  • Spare wheel size and alloy
  • Laser welded roof
  • Bumper Depth
  • Panel Gaps and consistency
  • Paint and corrosion warranty
  • Visible screws
  • Adjustable Headrests
  • Dashboard Quality and Tidiness
  • Interior plastics, stalks, knobs, buttons, vents, fabric, sun visors, glove box etc.

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