April 27

VW POLO review after 100,000 KMs and 9 Years

Why you will find Volkswagen Polo fans everywhere?

I am not a professional Youtuber but over the last one year, I have got good response on YouTube after making series of videos of safety in cars, my VW Polo and promoting other brands that promote safety i.e Tata & Skoda. This has encouraged me to educate more people about Safety & Quality.

Many people who own these cars share same thoughts. They leave positive comments and share my videos, but Dr. Pushkar has went one step ahead. He contacted me on Instagram and after sharing contact numbers, he shared some videos with me where he has reviewed his 9 years old VW Polo. He wanted to share the ownership review with viewers to educate potential buyers about his ownership experience, safety, expenses and other maintenance issues.

Owner's experience in last 9 years with his VW Polo

His ownership mostly have remained fuss free. Service costs annually comes around at the cost of 9 to 10 Thousand.

He has changed his tyres once, disk brakes once, clutch plates and shocker overhaul has been done once. It is quite nominal as he confessed that he has handled the car roughly. He has faced some issues regarding low ground clearance but overall he is happy that he preferred Polo over Swift/i20 in 2011.

He seems to very happy with the way car has held itself after 1 lac kilometers and 9 years. He is happy with the paint quality, roof rigidity, heavy doors, engine pickup, build quality, interior plastic quality, rubber beading, steering feedback while driving, front space, stability on highways, mileage and service behavior by VW staff.

Please contact if you need more clarification

If you have any questions regarding the video or any other car, please comment below.

send me your review video at prinspire.freelancer@gmail.com covering points in this order

  • Overall exterior quality (paint, bumpers, plastic color fade)
  • Interior quality
  • How many kilometres are done, expenses during this time. Service cost & mileage.
  • What you really like about your car?
  • What you dislike

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