May 16

VW Polo Ownership Expenses in 8 Years

Overall Experience

I have been pretty much happy with the Polo in last 8 years. Mechanically it has not troubled me at all and Engine is performing great just like it was on day one. Apart from Engine, its interior & paint has held really really well and car doesn't look like 8 years old. I haven't used any compound till date either. Car has not faced any major accident but have had minor scratches and dents over the years.

Overall Expenses Explained

5.50 Lacs for 97000 KMs

So, in this video I have explained each and every expense that has taken place all these years.

Starting from Petrol, it has driven around 97000 KMs so far. With an average Petrol per litre cost of Rs 80 and Rs 5.50 per KM, I have spent around 5.50 lacs on Petrol in last 8 years.

Service cost is around Rs 90,000 in last 8 years

Service average cost is considered as Rs 8500 for 7 years and 1 expensive service for Rs 25000 where shocker work was done and brake pads etc were replaced

Insurance for Rs 60,000

Insurance average cost is considered as Rs 7500 so total around Rs 60,000

Tyres for Rs 50,000

During all these years, I have replaced Tyres Twice totaling Rs 50,000
Bridgestone B290 - Rs 24000
Yokohama S-Drive - Rs 26000

Other Miscellaneous expenses

Second hand Vento Alloys were bought for Rs 16000

All these years, denting painting is done once costing Rs 4000

Parcel Tray was replaced once for Rs 3000

Fuel Filter & Oxygen sensor replaced for Rs 5000

Fuel Lid Motor replacement was done for Rs 3000

Rear glass is replaced twice for Rs 3500 and Rs 4500

Total has come around round figure as Rs 8 lacs which means annual ownership cost is Rs 1 lac per year and (Rs 8500) per month if you drive around 12000 KMs per year and 1000 KMs per month.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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