January 24

VW Polo Oil Service after 105000 KMs | Service Cost Details | Detailed Analysis

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Over the years, there has been a notion about expensive service costs for Volkswagen car and their high maintenance cost. However, this is totally exaggerated. My average service cost for the Polo over the years for Petrol CL has remained at around Rs 7000 to Rs 9000 which is quite acceptable for a car that asks for a yearly service or at 15000 KMs interval, unlike other cars that ask for service at every 10,000 KMs. 

In this major 9th service where my car has almost completed 9 years too and after this service, it is definitely good for next 3-4 years at least, there were some major tasks undertaken. 

Apart from the oil service which has cost me around Rs 6000, some other tasks were done like rear shockers replacement that has cost me around Rs 7000, front shocker repair Rs 5000, Wipers front and rear Rs 2000, AC belt change and disinfection Rs 2000, other miscellaneous work including fog light change, steering noise repair, alignment and balancing Rs 4000.


The final bill amount was Rs 26000 which was adjusted as Rs 24000 after the goodwill discount. Later Rs 5000 was discounted as well because of the tire compensation for my T-Roc. The final bill amount that I paid was Rs 19000 which is quite acceptable for such a major service.

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