January 4

VW Polo Mileage

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VW Polo isn't know for its mileage because it a heavy car with a Kerb-Weight of around 1050 KGs for the Petrol version. It is heavier by some 100 Kilos as compared to the cars like Swift & Baleno so we cannot expect wonders from a heavy car. Polo is always known for its tank like build quality, overall fit and finish, highway stability and safety.

But over the last 7 years, Mileage has been never a huge concern for me and infact I knew that my VW Polo Petrol has great mileage of around 13-15 but when I calculated results properly, I was shocked to know that it is around 16 kmpl regularly and around 18 on Highways.

I calculated it by filling fuel for Rs 5000 and car has done 1060 KMs in 66 litres of fuel, which resulted in the mileage of 16 kmpl which is very good considering my car is 7 years old, 85000 KMs done and got serviced 8 months back.

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