February 23

VW Cars after accident | Truth about their build quality

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As a proud owner for VW Polo for last 6 years, the only brand I can trust for build quality and safety is Volkswagen. I don't mind paying few rupees extra in service costs and spare parts as quality never comes cheap. 

On Feb 21, 2019 I went to get my Polo serviced and got a chance to see VW's accidented cars yard. Volkswagen claims their cars safest in India as it is testified with the fact that their cheapest offering VW Polo scored impressive 4/5 in GNCAP and perhaps the only hatch to have scored 4 stars with bodyshell stated as stable. They are the only brand which provide Airbags and ABS in their all cars regardless of the variant.

Other cars like Jetta, Passat, Tiguan etc already have 5 stars safety ratings in Euro NCAP and I expect the same quality in India too. 

In this video, I wanted to show real time results of accidented cars. Most of the cars had their cabin intact which means passengers would have walked out safely if airbags were deployed safely. In a solid build car like VWs, there are always better chances of surviving an accident at higher speeds because though crash tests are done at 64kmph but obviously on highways, speed will be much more where obviously a better build will play its role. 

I hope the video will help the ones who are looking for a safe car within 8 lacs budget.

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