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January 12, 2023

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Sargun Singh




Volkswagen Taigun Topline 1.0 TSI Manual

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18 kmpl

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  • Rattling
  • Some electronic glitches I have faced while operating instrument cluster but were fixed after the second service when they updated the software. Recently I was facing issue related to Apple CarPlay connectivity.
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Who I am?

Before sharing my experience, I want to introduce myself first. My Name is Sargun Singh. I have recently graduated in BE Mechanical Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. I am a Car Enthusiast and have keen interest on Cars.

Our Last Car

Before we purchased VW Taigun, I want to share how we actually bought it. Earlier we had VW Vento 1.6 TDI Manual which we bought it in March, 2012. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Vento and clocked 3.15 Lac kms. It was a fun ride for all of us and I learned my driving on Vento. For our family, VW Vento was the best car we have ever driven in our life. Earlier than that we also had many cars from Maruti Suzuki and other Korean brands but the day we bought VW, we forgot everything.

How we choose Taigun

The day when VW Taigun was launched, we were excited because me and my father are nutty about cars. We booked Taigun 1.5 GT+ TSI DSG variant in Candy White. At that time, we were also not ready to give VW Vento because we wanted that it must clock at least 3 lac kms because we were so attached to our car. It was like our family member. Then, one day Mr. Sourav Sir, who works at Lally Motors, Jalandhar brought VW Taigun 1.5 GT+ for a test drive. We were totally convinced with the performance and cosmetics of this car.

One day, we faced an issue related to fuel injectors of Vento, we went to the service centre and the cost was a bit high for us to spend on Vento. My father asked the dealers if there is Taigun at 1.0 TSI Topline available at candy white color. They said Yes they have it, we then asked them to get it’s PDI done and we will take the delivery of the car the next day. And that’s how, we bought it.

So far, Taigun has been enjoyable ride for us, I have driven it more than my father and it never disappointed us.

Positives of the car


Firstly, this car has that typical German Looks which I am fan of. I really like the headlamps and front appearance of Taigun. And that infinity Tail Lamp adds cherry to the cake. This makes it different from all other cars.

Driving Dynamics

Secondly, the driving dynamics. We were at first afraid that will there be any change in driving dynamics, and we were wrong. It amazed us because we were habitual of the high torque from diesel engine but 1.0 TSI performed really well. We didn’t expected to be having a great amount of power band in a small displacement engine. Many people said why you bought a small displacement engine and I said, grab the keys and floor it, you will feel the difference. 


This engine performs more than it shows on paper. Obviously, it will feel a bit underpowered than 1.5 TSI but, this engine never disappointed us. The best thing about 1.0 TSI is that, it is well refined and never feels like we are driving a small engine. Mileage is amazing. I have clocked the maximum average economy of 27 kmpl at a 50 kms journey and with AC ON (also, I didn’t face any issue related to Air Conditioning it was perfect). The car rides smoothly and is stable at all corners with almost negligible body roll. We drove it on hills and is completely stable and never felt short of power. Suspension is perfectly calibrated, not too stiff, not too soft. Softer than Vento but completely stable.

Music System

Thirdly, the music system. Many people won’t agree with me since they provide 6 speakers only without any subwoofer but, I think it is very enjoyable. Acoustics are completely balanced and you really need not tweak anything because it is balanced by default.


Fourth, the insulation. Vento had it and this car also had it. We were happy to see many things that VW has retained in their 2.0 Cars. Proper rubber bidding with amazing accuracy makes us feel we have put our money in the correct place.


Fifth and the most important, Safety. Germans are well known for safety they provide for customers. Taigun’s heavy doors and solid build quality gave us a huge relief of safety. We had the main requirement of maximum safety features and the safest body shell. I feel very happy and proud to say that I drive the most safest Mid Sized SUV in India

The car has ESC which actually saved us from a driver who immediately stopped at the beginning of a flyover at the right lane because he missed his turn and I immediately steered on left and then on right which showed the power of ESC. Braking system is super amazing in this car. Although we never did any emergency braking in this car but it stops really well and the Automatic Brake Disc Wiping system is also doing its job during rains. I noticed it carefully how it never misses the brake bite even in rains.

Some Issues


There were some minor issues like Rattling Noise, which I can say that it will be due to the cosmetic plastics being used and it never bothers on a smooth ride unless you press it.

No anti-pinch

Secondly, not giving anti pinch and automatic opening and closing windows is a major setback.

Lighter Steering

Thirdly, I feel like the steering is slightly lighter but it is not bad at all. It is completely stable at high speeds and is well calibrated.

Service Quality

Fourth, lack in service quality. I was having an issue with the horn of car and was getting it fixed. The mechanic accidentally made a crack on the bumper which we have asked the company to get it replaced as soon as possible without insurance claim because it was the mechanic’s fault. 

At first service too, the mechanics didn’t do clean job. It looked like they created a mess while hurrying it up and lately I got the interior cleaned properly. But at 30k kms service, we were happy because the work was done neatly and carefully and we had a good experience at that time. I am still waiting for my bumper to get fixed.

Wheel alignment

Lastly, I feel like they must give us complementary wheel alignment and balancing because I feel that many people do not give much attention to it and it is very important to maintain stability of the car.

So this was my detailed review of my VW Taigun 1.0 Topline Manual. I hope this review finds helpful for the people who are looking forward to buy this car. 

Personally, I will strongly recommend this car than other SUV’s. Reason behind this is, it’s like a drug. You will get addicted to the German Technology. Plus, the safety. In India where road conditions are bad and people drive recklessly, you need a safer car. And maintenance cost, just get a service package along with this and you will never fear of service costs.

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