January 20

Volkswagen Polo after Accident with a Bus

VW is known for their build quality which helps in safety & durability. Car ages well and looks brand new even after 6-7 years because of their thick metal sheet, paint quality and no cost cutting.

Today, I came to get my VW Polo car serviced but came across an accident car that happened just one day back. According to VW Receptionist, this car belonged to their own staff member. He had an accident with a Bus, he couldn’t apply brakes and ram into rear of the bus.

Good thing is, he came out safely without any single injury. Front took all impact, airbags inflated on time and footarea was safe too.

VW Polo scored 4 stars in Gncap in 2014 and it’s body was rated stable. Accidents like these prove time & again that how safe car can save you in a mishap. It is important that potential buyers start considering safety as a first benchmark to buy a car. We should question the brands who provide shoddy build quality & fail in crash tests. Anything lesser than 4 stars is considered as unsafe.

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