February 2

Volkswagen Passat – Detailed Review | The Perfect Sedan

This video is about the detailed review of Volkswagen Passat. We talked about all the key points of the this solid European sedan including its Exterior walkaround, Engine Specifications, Interior, features and more.
Volkswagen Passat Pros
  • A solid European sedan with classy & understated styling; will age well over time
  • Premium, upmarket cabin and a cavernous 586-litre boot
  • Loaded with features & technology (adjustable dampers, 360-degree area view camera...)
  • Fast & practical 2.0L TDI engine mated to a smooth & quick 6-speed DSG
  • Mature suspension brings balanced road manners
  • 5-Star NCAP safety rating (9 airbags & a full suite of electronic aids)
Volkswagen Passat Cons
  • Many of you will find the styling to be too conservative
  • Sibling rivalry from the Superb (more rear legroom etc.). The Skoda is cheaper as well
  • Lacks the brand cachet that customers desire at this price point
  • Explosive 1.8 TSI petrol engine isn't offered, and neither is a manual transmission
  • Long-term reliability concerns over the DSG transmission
  • Volkswagen's dealership & service experiences are a hit or miss

Info Source: Team BHP

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