June 7

Volkswagen ID 4 EV is here but we need Polo!

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Assembled locally in Chattanooga, TN the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 EV SUV is truly something to behold.

Designed to deliver on all your needs, its style, performance and functionality set it apart. Plus, with plenty of space, an abundance of tech features, and 3 years of unlimited 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America DC Fast Chargers ⁠5 across the country, the ID.4 SUV will transform how you think about electric vehicles.

  • Convenience: Easily charge your ID.4 with an at-home EV wall box charger⁠6
  • Savings: Enjoy 3 years unlimited 30 minute charging sessions at Electrify America DC Fast Chargers⁠5, and Scheduled Carefree Maintenance⁠7.
  • Goodbye Gas: No gas means no gas smell or residue on your hands plus, of course, zero direct emissions. Reliability of DSG in Taigun Kushaq Virtus Slavia.
  • Pure comfort: The ID.4 offers a smooth and quiet ride.

For detailed information, please watch the full video.

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