January 24

Toyota Innova review after 6 Lakh KMs | Bullet Proof Reliability

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Went to Naina Devi, Himachal Pradesh with family in November in a Toyota Innova 7 seater that had done around 6 Lacs KMs and 9 years old. I was amazed to see such numbers and out of curiosity I thought of reviewing this car with some negatives and positives. This was an old gen Innova and latest gen Innova Crysta is a completely different car. Old Innova had 2.0 Diesel motor with 100 BHP and 200 NM Torque on paper. 

As per the driver, he spends Rs 5000 on service after every 10,000 KMs from a local garage. He prefers doing an Engine flush after every 60,000 KMs.

Few things I really liked in Old Gen Innova are:
  • Acres of space as a 7 seater 
  • Comfortable seats 
  • Glass area and visibility from all sides 
  • Suspension 
  • Plastic quality from the inside 
  • Durability of Engine and mechanical parts 
  • AC 
  • AC Vents quality
Few things that could have been improved
  • External metal sheet quality 
  • Paint quality 
  • NVH Levels in the cabin and insulation 
  • Headlights 
  • No backlit buttons 
  • No retractable grab handles 
  • Screws visible all over
  • Excellent Interior fit and finish
  • Great Build

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