June 9

Toyota Innova Hycross – ownership review

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This video is about the ownership review of Toyota Innova Hycross after driving 15000km. The owner is Jagdeep Singh Rana who is a CA by profession.

Key Discussions

  • Competition vs Hycross
  • His Garage
  • Sales Experience
  • Accessories
  • How to reduce the booking period
  • Why not XUV 7OO, Harrier, or ScorpioN
  • Why 6 seater for a small family
Toyota Innova Hycross Pros
  • A great-looking MPV. SUV’ish styling packs appeal
  • Nicely designed interiors, good comfort in all 3 rows and usable boot (even with 3rd row up)
  • Loaded to the gills with features such as a panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats, electrically adjustable rear ottoman seats, multi-zone climate control, connected car features, leather upholstery, drive modes, etc.
  • Hybrid powertrain makes it lighter on the pocket than a diesel and future-proof too. Very good fuel efficiency (expect city FE of 15-17 km/l)
  • Impressive performance with a sub-10 second 0-100 km/h time (Toyota claims 9.5 seconds)
  • Monocoque construction results in sorted handling and comfortable ride quality
  • Brilliant NVH levels result in a quiet and serene experience inside the cabin
  • Toyota's bullet-proof reliability, excellent after-sales service and fuss-free ownership experiences
  • Safety features such as 6 airbags, Toyota Safety Sense (ADAS), ABS, ESP, TC, all-wheel disc brakes, hill hold, TPMS, Isofix & 3-point seatbelts for all
Toyota Innova Hycross Cons
  • Expected to be even more expensive than the already-pricey Innova Crysta. Will be premium-priced
  • Top-end variants are only available with captain seats in the middle row. No bench option is inexplicable!
  • 18" wheels with 50 profile tyres compromise the overall stance; they look very small
  • Monocoque construction won’t be as rugged & abuse-friendly as the Crysta's body-on-frame build
  • Interior plastic quality is very mediocre, some parts feel budget-grade
  • Rear seat ottomans are useless for taller passengers
  • Average sound quality from the JBL system, poor camera resolution and a basic infotainment system display
  • Missing features such as rain-sensing wipers, lumbar adjustment, boss lever on the front passenger seat
  • The already-good ride quality could be even better with higher profile tyres (e.g. on craters). 225/50 sidewalls are on the shorter side

Please watch the full video for detailed information.

Info source: TeamBHP

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