January 16

Touchless Car Wash Practical or Not?

Touchless Car Wash PRACTICAL or NOT? Shocking Results after washing 2 cars in 40 minutes. How to wash a car without touching it! NO SCRATCHES! Is it really practical? Is it as good as a regular wash with Wash Mit and Rinse? In this video, I will show you four easy steps to wash your car without touching it. It’s one of the best ways to wash and dry your car if you wash it often. Most of the scratches and swirls that you see on your paint are mostly due to washing and drying your car by hand. But if you are using branded grade products then more often or not, you will never get swirl marks or scratches. In my experience, I found touchless wash good only if we need a quick wash but not very satisfying where we have to use foam or mit to rinse the shampoo off along with the dirt.

Here are some of the products that were used while washing the car, you can purchase them from Amazon.

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