Top Wax Polish to restore shine of your car

October 5, 2021

Does your car surface lost its shine and you want its shine back? We have a solution for you.

The Wax Polish is a formula that restores paint color, eliminates minor scratches and restores shine like new. Wax offers the longest lasting protection for paint finishes.

Here is our top 5 pick for Wax Polishes with over 100s of sales & positive reviews on amazon.

Waxpol Auto Polish (200 g) (Super Quality Polish)

It’s pure carnauba wax formulation is of natural waxes. It provides long-lasting protection to the surface. It can be applied on all finishes including metallic.

The Waxpol Auto Polish Has Water Beading Properties and Protect your car surface from UV Rays, Acid Rain and Insect Deposits.

M.R.P.:  Rs 210

Price: Rs 194/-

Pidilite Motomax Bike & Car Cream Polish (230 gm) with Carnuba Wax and Micro Polishing Agents

The Cream Polish can be mixed with minimum buffing to provide a high-gloss showroom finish. It also comes with an applicator sponge that can be used to smoothly operate the gloss over the vehicle.

The cream forms a water repellent layer that adds to the shine of the paint job to give the car or bike a new-look type of finish. The micro polishing agents remove scratches and haze to make the exterior look as good as new.

M.R.P.:  Rs 350

Price: Rs 335/-

Formula 1 615026 Carnauba Paste Wax (230 g)

This Carnauba Paste Wax offers the longest lasting protection for paint finishes and restores paint color, eliminates minor scratches and haze for maximum shine.

Application on all paint finishes, including clear coat. Easy to apply & remove for bright glossy looks.

M.R.P.:  Rs 550

Price: Rs. 354/-

Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish 300 ml

Waxpol Silky Touch Paint Protection is a new formulation Liquid Polish with the most Advanced Technology for Improved Performance. Our silky spray touch polish spreads easily to provide nourishment and an incredible shine.

It forms a protective layer that gives long lasting protection from Acid Rain, Bugs, Oxidation, UV Rays etc. Its hydrophobic (water beading) properties that reflects Water & Dust. The sprayable bottle provides easy and faster application and saves time.

M.R.P.:  Rs 460

Price: Rs 384/-

Skynex 3M Specialty Cream Wax (220 g)

A durable synthetic cream wax ideal for all automotive exterior paints. It gives a long-lasting shine to the car body by keeping the dust at bay and protection against atmospheric oxidation.

The wax gives a streak-free shine to your car, thus renewing the look of the car. 1 applicator pad included with the pack for easy application of the wax.

M.R.P.:  Rs 695

Price: Rs 446/-

Turtle Wax T-374KTR Color Magic Car Polish, Black (16 oz)

This is an advanced blend of polishes, dyes and pigments fill in light scratches and swirl marks. It leaves a deep, brilliant shine and provides long lasting protection.

It helps restore and repair a car's finish to the original showroom-like condition and Rejuvenates older, faded finishes that have been neglected.

M.R.P.:  Rs 557

Price: Rs 459/-

Turtle Wax Color Magic 52710 Car Polish - Prestige Silver 500ml

Turtle Wax Color Magic is a must have product for all the car owners. It cleans, shines, restores & adds colors while providing the long lasting protection and outstanding shine.

It is easy to use and gives a Long lasting protection & Professional finish.

M.R.P.:  Rs 573

Price: Rs 470/-

Turtle Wax T-9 1-Step Wax & Dry - 26 oz.

The quickest, easiest way to a high gloss Turtle Wax shine, just wash car, spray and dry. Formulated with a blend of carnauba wax and protective polymers for maximum shine and protection.

One bottle waxes up to 17 cars Keep out of reach of children. It provides all the shine and protection of a traditional wax in a fraction of the time.

M.R.P.:  Rs 699

Price: Rs 586/-

KMH Meguiar's G19216 Ultimate Polish (473 ml)

This pre-waxing glaze eliminates fine swirl marks to produce deep, wet reflections with high gloss. Ultimate polish also adds depth of color, especially on dark-colored cars and leaves the paint finish incredibly clear and glossy with mirror-like reflections.

It is easy to use and gives a Long lasting protection & Professional finish.

M.R.P.:  Rs 999

Price: Rs 786/-

DISCLAIMER: I have no commercial interest in any of the suppliers of the below listed products. I do not own any of these brands. Though I have ordered most of the products listed here, I cannot be held legally responsible if you do not find it satisfactory or functional. All transactional responsibility lies between you and the seller. My effort in compiling this list is just an effort to save you some time and money. Here we go with the products list that will make your life easier for you and your car.

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