Top 5 Tire Polish for Glossy Shine of your Car Tyres

Why to use Tire polish? 

A Tyre Polish is made with an advanced formulation that provides a deep rich shine to your tyre and protects them from weathering. It provides High Gloss Shine and gives a glossy look that lasts.

Here is our top 5 pick for Tire polish with over 100s of sales & positive reviews on amazon.

3M IA260166375 Auto Specialty Tyre Dresser (250 ml)

It give a rich & glossy look to tyres. It application is easy and non-greasy formula makes application less messy and does not attract dust.
It prevents fading and cracking of tyres and can be used on car and bike tyres. To apply clean the tyres before using. Spray dresser on tyre, use a piece of foam to spread uniformly and let the dresser dry out. Do not apply on wet tyres.

M.R.P.:  Rs 309

Price: Rs. 242/-

Wavex Tyre Polish 1 LTR | Black Foam Applicator and Microfiber Cloth

The WaveX Tyre guard not only cleans your vehicle's tyres but also shines and polishes them by effectively getting rid of accumulated dust and dirt. It provides your vehicle's tyres with a rich black colour similar to what it was when your first brought your vehicle from its dealership.

By lubricating your vehicle's tyres the WaveX Tyre Guard will prevent them from cracking hence enhancing their performance, durability and life.

M.R.P.:  Rs 943

Price: Rs 698/-

Waxpol Tyre Shine Spray 300 ml

Waxpol Tyre Shine is made with an advanced solvent free formulation that provides a deep rich shine to your tyre and protects them from weathering. Provides High Gloss Shine and gives a glossy look that lasts.

Fortified with high molecular-weight Polymer that preserves tyres rich look. Nourishing Agents keep it radiant. Protective Layer shields the tyre from UV Rays, Acid Rain and prevents drying, cracking, fading, Premature Aging

M.R.P.:  Rs 460

Price: Rs 242/-

Sheeba SCTS04 Tyre Shine (200 ml)

Its advanced formulation keeps tyres look cleaner, darker and prevents against browning and premature ageing

Product in its class which gives long lasting satin shine, just spray and drive away, what makes it stand out is its good quality, Reliable performance with Attractive pricing

M.R.P.:  Rs 151

Price: Rs 139/-

Tetraclean Wheel Tire Cleaner (1000 g)

TetraClean Tyre Cleaner & Polish can be used on all types of vehicle tyres. TetraClean Tyre Cleaner and Polish protect tyre surface from dirt and grime. Make your Tyre shine, Polymer Protection and gives a brand new and rich look. No Harmful or hard chemical used in the formulation

M.R.P.:  Rs 900

Price: Rs 449/-

DISCLAIMER: I have no commercial interest in any of the suppliers of the below listed products. I do not own any of these brands. Though I have ordered most of the products listed here, I cannot be held legally responsible if you do not find it satisfactory or functional. All transactional responsibility lies between you and the seller. My effort in compiling this list is just an effort to save you some time and money. Here we go with the products list that will make your life easier for you and your car.

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