Top 5 Car Duster for Quick Cleaning of your Car

October 3, 2021

What is the use of Car Duster? 

This car duster will solve most of your issues of accumulated dust on your car. The cleaning head features wax treated cotton threads that trap more dust without leaving any scratch marks and is also easily washable.

Here is our top 5 pick for Car Duster with over 100s of sales & positive reviews on amazon.

Jopasu Car Duster

This car duster by Jopasu will solve most of your issues of accumulated dust on your car. The cleaning head features wax treated cotton threads that trap more dust without leaving any scratch marks and is also easily washable.

Its long handle helps to reach difficult areas on car tops and curated handle allows for comfortable grip while cleaning. The duster also comes with a bag for easy storage.

M.R.P.:  Rs 739

Price: Rs. 698/-

Tony Stark Microfiber Flexible Duster Car Wash with Expandable Handle

The WaveX Tyre guard not only cleans your vehicle's tyres but also shines and polishes them by effectively getting rid of accumulated dust and dirt. It provides your vehicle's tyres with a rich black colour similar to what it was when your first brought your vehicle from its dealership.

By lubricating your vehicle's tyres the WaveX Tyre Guard will prevent them from cracking hence enhancing their performance, durability and life.

M.R.P.:  Rs 699

Price: Rs 325/-

NEXTON Dusting & Detailing Microfiber Duster for Car Cleaning

NEXTON Cleaning accessory individial pack includes microfiber Car Duster for the Dusting & Detailing. It can be used wet as well as dry. The Stuff of the duster is washable.

The inside base material is of solid plastic & Expandable handle is made of the stainless steel. The combo pack includes Washing sponge which also can be useful for Dry cleaning & wet washing of Car Interior & Exterior. 

M.R.P.:  Rs 499

Price: Rs 325/-

Voltonix Removable Telescopic Car Wax Drag Nano Fiber Car Duster

Its advanced formulation keeps tyres look cleaner, darker and prevents against browning and premature ageing

Product in its class which gives long lasting satin shine, just spray and drive away, what makes it stand out is its good quality, Reliable performance with Attractive pricing

M.R.P.:  Rs 999

Price: Rs 399/-

Lukzer 1 PC Round Car Duster Microfiber Multipurpose Cleaning Brush with Handle

Lukzer Car Duster sucks up the dirt and dust easily and quickly. It has extendable or telescopic handle which is made of stainless steel with anti-slide sponge grip. This 360° cleaning car dust remover has long & dense brush bristle with super soft microfiber large dusting head.

It Keeps your car clean & shine without washing it on daily basis. Easy care, just shake it occasionally to get rid of excess dust on the duster

M.R.P.:  Rs 799

Price: Rs 399/-

DISCLAIMER: I have no commercial interest in any of the suppliers of the below listed products. I do not own any of these brands. Though I have ordered most of the products listed here, I cannot be held legally responsible if you do not find it satisfactory or functional. All transactional responsibility lies between you and the seller. My effort in compiling this list is just an effort to save you some time and money. Here we go with the products list that will make your life easier for you and your car.

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