August 5

These 6 cars deserve more sales

6 cars that I really want Indians to buy even more are

- Ford Ecosports

- Toyota Yaris 

- Volkswagen Polo

- Renault Duster

- Skoda Rapid

- Maruti S-Cross

Ford EcoSports is solid like a tank, has best diesel and Petrol Turbo engine and is any day better than other sub 4 meter SUVs.

Toyota Yaris is a victim of poor pricing by Toyota. Yaris is a very safe car which comes with 6 airbags as standard, solid build, top notch quality, very premium cabin and a safe ride. It is at par with segment best cars like Honda City & Vento. I hope people start noticing it more.

 Volkswagen Polo is the best hatchback in India in all aspects except rear space. No other car can come close to it in safety, build quality, interior quality, paint quality, Diesel's ride quality, durability of engines and brand snob value. Polo's 1.5 litre diesel engine is segment best and 1.2 GT Tsi is the best automatic sports engine which comes with a DSG gearbox, which is the same gearbox shared with Skoda and Audi cars. VW Polo has scored 4 stars in crash safety GNCAP ratings in 2014. Cars like Swift and i20 scored lesser than Polo in GNCAP safety and their bodies are rated as unstable by GNCAP. I wish, people start considering Polo in their wishlist when they are out to buy a hatchback.

Renault Duster is one of the best SUVs under 12 lacs segment if one is looking for a macho 4*4 big SUV and not a compact SUV like Brezza/EcoSports. It has a reliable diesel engine, good interior space and butch looks. However, it scored poor 3 stars in GNCAP so Duster need to improve in build department.

Skoda Rapid is undisputed champion in snob brand value, safety and build quality in under 13 lacs sedan segment. It has a durable 1.6 mpi Petrol engine and very efficient 1.6 Tdi diesel engine too. I would like people to prefer Rapid over unsafe sedans.

- Maruti S-Cross is the only Maruti car that I really like. It has a tank like build quality and a reliable 1.3 liter diesel engine. With Maruti, you get their bullet proof after sales service, spare parts network and resale.

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