June 8

Testing Skoda Slavia at 190 kmph on Natrax Track

In this video, Sunderdeep Singh testing Skoda Slavia at a speed of 190kmph on Natrax Track in Madhya Pradesh.

Skoda Slavia's top speed has not been officially announced by Skoda. However, as it is based on the Skoda Scala, it's top speed could be similar to the Scala's top speed, which is around 124-135 mph (200-217 km/h) depending on the engine and transmission options. 

It's important to note that top speed is affected by various factors such as road conditions, altitude, temperature, and driving style, among others.

Other two videos from NATRAX

On NATRAX, I didn't push it above 170 kmph to have better control.

For detailed information, please watch the full video.

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