Tata Harrier XZ Plus

December 10, 2021

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Satwik SP


Davangere (Karnataka)


Tata Harrier XZ Plus

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1st free service 3k

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8-10 kmpl (city) & 12-17 kmpl(highway)

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Hi, myself Satwik SP from Karnataka. 20th August 2021 we bought home a Tata Harrier top model manual(xz plus). Currently we own two cars i.e vw Vento & Tata harrier. The experience with the car(harrier) so far has been astonishing, the looks of the car is very muscular & suv'ish, the safety is outstanding(no doubt bcz at the end of the day it's tata), the power& torque is absolutely insane(the 2.0 kryotec engine literally is made to run and brings instant smile in the face, the pickup is absolutely no doubt marvelous!)

Before buying this mighty tank, the cars we considered were as follows:(Budget: max. 25L )

Skoda kushaq

Kushaq is no doubt a superb car in terms of engine performance, handling & comfort, but since we came from a Volkswagen family, we were looking for a well built quality car but when we saw the kushaq we were very disappointed by the quality of the car, our 8 year old vento's quality was way better than the new car so called kushaq. The Germans lost the charm and quality of the car was drastically reduced and since we drive a 1.6 tdi, we felt 1.0 tsi to be underpowered when compared to the vw's flagship tdi engine. Hence rejected the decision to buy the kushaq.

Skoda kushaq

The car was completely wrecked and boy o boy I was literally stunned by looking everyone safe(5 members) without any major injuries expect few scratches caused by the glass pieces, that too on a car without abs & airbags, I must say today I wouldn't have been here writing review of my car if it was any other brand .The car was then towed to the asc, got back the beast after 5 months with a huge estimation of repair bill, in which 80% of the bill was covered by insurance.

VW Taigun

Taigun was not launched when we were purchasing car, we wanted the car on urgent basis (due to my father's company policy) and taigun had 3 more months to launch and again it gets the same 1.0 tsi which again makes us fell underpowered. The reason why we didn't look for the 1.5 tsi (kushaq &taigun) was because we found it would not be worth paying over 18-19l for a petrol engine and small size hence rejected it too.

Jeep Compass

Jeep compass was  expensive and my dad had no mood in looking for this car as the design was not that good and he didn't find it vfm too. Hence rejected.

VW T-Roc

T-roc was a proper vw, with no cost cutting in the quality and the overall it was the best car, we loved it as we are existing vw owner. The car was short in height and it came with an automatic gearbox (always wanted a manual), we were worried about it's maintenance and spare parts as it was a cbu and the ex showroom price was 21l which was not vfm(no manual+ no diesel) for us as it didn't meet our requirements, hence rejected.

Tata Harrier

Went to the showroom and there was a dark harrier standing right in front of us, saw the car and everyone in my family loved it and the space was ample for us as we are tall. Took the test drive, my father was amazed by the power& driving dynamics, the sales guy demonstrated the sound quality as well and boy o boy the 9 speaker Jbl speakers were on different level, felt like we were in a cinema hallπŸ˜‚. The body is very strong and robust and it matched all our criteria, the interior were also very premium& didn't felt like it's a TataπŸ’₯.

Yes, the fit & finish of Tata cars are not at all at par with vw cars, the poor fit& finish was evident inside & outside the car, but that small thing didn't matter us bcz at the end of the day we are getting a strong built car. Finally in our family everyone accepted to buy this car, on 13th Aug., went to the showroom and booked the top end manual white dual tone and got the car within a week as harriers don't have much demand as Nexon.(on road 24L Karnataka).

Now here are some of the pros & cons of the car:  

Tata Harrier XZ Plus Pros
  • The body of the car is very solid and robust πŸ’ͺ (the the thud of the door is so damm soothing to hear & it's very heavy & solid)
  • The looks no doubt is killer and has good road presence πŸ”₯
  • 1st service experience was very good which was unexpected from the service team of Tata which usually are infamous in this term, but overall it was good ✌️,they resolved all the minor issues which the car had in a good manner 😌(better than sales team)
  • It has crazy amount of space on offer, for our family it's very comfortable to sit in the rear seats, as we came from vw family which is not good in terms of rear seat space comfort, we are very happy in terms of rear seat comfort in Harrier ✌️
  • Seat cushion is very soft unlike vw's seat
  • The interior is very premium ( thanks to the designing team who used many premium materials to make the interior feel luxurious)
  • Panoramic sunroof was the best in segment ( newly launched xuv700 laughing in the corner πŸ˜‚)
  • The suspension is derived from land rover, so no doubt on the performance of the suspensions, it's on little stiffer side and is stable in highways
  • Terrain modes are given which works in a very practical manner (Rough, wet, eco & sports mode)
  • The car when switched to sports mode literally becomes a horse and runs like anything πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ
  • The quality of the roofliner is excellent and is of very premium quality unlike kushaq/taigun
  • The 9 speaker Jbl speakers are on different level (words can't describe about the sound quality, it should be experienced)
  • 4 charging ports on offer which is very practical nowadays ✌️
  • Auto dimming irvm works efficiently and it's a practical feature
  • The ac performance is superb,chills the cabin in no time ( even on 26⁰ it's very chillπŸ₯Ά)
  • Soft touch dashboard again feels very premium
  • The performance of stock headlights are superbπŸ’₯
  • The bonnet is so damm heavy, you literally can't lift it by using one hands(you need to eat rotis to lift itπŸ˜‚)
  • In highways it runs butter smooth, (In sports mode no words😡!)
  • Bs6 engine is very refined and there is less cabin noise( i feel it's more refined than the vw's tdi engine)
  • No road noise inside the cabin
  • I found the quality of the ac vents to be way better than vw Vento.
  • Driver lumbar support is present and gives good support to the backπŸ‘
  • The quality of power window buttons & orvm joystick is better than Vento
  • The gearbox shifts are butter smooth
  • Brakes are excellent and abs kicks in yo when needed
  • Clutch is light and easy to use when compared to the vento which is bit on harder side
  • Warning light have been provided on all 4 doors when opened (best practical& safety feature πŸ’ͺ)
Tata Harrier XZ Plus Cons
  • No ventilated seats☹️( a much needed feature for our country)
  • The display (theme) of the touch screen is very poor (the theme is same in almost every Tata cars & it's doesn't give the premium feel for a 24l car)
  • Rear seat has no reclining option πŸ™ƒ
  • The wiper fluid water throw was very poor (the water spayed below the wiper πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ& that was bcz of not doing pdi, hence the sprayer was changed in the 1st service)
  • No seatbelt height adjustment πŸ™ƒ( 10l car gets this feature & in Harrier it's missing πŸ˜‘)
  • Fit & finish is very bad and it's evident both interior and exterior (The driver side door is misaligned to the dashboard, the side cover of the dashboard is not properly fitted, exterior panel gaps are present, the sunvisor quality is average overall the finishing is not good and it's definitely not good when compared to vw's. Our Vento's fit& finish and plastic quality is way above harrier)
  • The tilt & telescopic lever feels very flimsy & cheap when compared to vw.
  • Pillars are very thick, the results are it creates difficulty in turning/parking and creates a blind spot.
  • I am not at all happy with customer service, the sales guys are very rude and they are not at all ready to explain the features of the car when we first went to see the car, they are sitting in the chair as if they have applied glue .Our car was showcased as a demo car, and i saw the car was literally very dirty in the foot area, even there was few dirt marks on the roofliner, the showroom guys didn't even bother to clean the car, i felt like i was buying any 2 wheeler. They didn't even provide us basic accessories like mats and instead they had put a old newspaper 🀒(Received accessories after 10days😀), came home and later i cleaned all of it, then it looked like a new carπŸ˜‘. Literally my mood spoilt like anything and we didn't get time to resolve all this bcz we wanted the car on urgent basis that day. Now I am taking good care of it and weekly I get it a good proper wash.
  • The stock horns were very weak for this sizeπŸ₯΄, hence got it changed and installed vw's dual tone horn
  • The key dosen't give a premium feel for this value bcz it's same in every tata cars, the quality of the buttons are also average
  • The mileage is poor on both city & highway 😞
  • Having a def refueled in every service is a headache ( thanks to bs6 norms)
  • No rear center headrest 😀
  • The interior light assembly could have been more premium (the buttons feel cheap & delicate
  • Steering becomes very light(hydrolic) at high speeds which results in less confidence at those speeds, the vento brilliantly weighs up at higher speeds which builds up the confidence to drive at those speedsπŸ’₯

So these were some points I noticed in this span of 3months, I hope no problems occur in the future, hope for the best✌️

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