October 29

Taigun/Kushaq 5 stars in GNCAP | Explained & Market Reaction

India spec Skoda Kushaq and the Volkswagen Taigun received a 5-star rating in India's new and improved Global NCAP test process.

Here are the topics which we discussed in this video. 

  • Visual of Test Shots from GNCAP
  • Why Taigun and Kushaq customers should feel proud
  • Will it help in sales?
  • Overall outlook after crash test
  • Analysis on crash test for adult occupancy
  • Child occupancy protection
  • 3 things observed in the test
  • Will it give push to 2.0 VW project in sales and reputation

Comments by GNCAP for Frontal Impact

Frontal impact: the protection offered to the driver’s and passenger’s head and neck was good. Driver’s chest showed adequate protection and passenger’s chest showed good protection. Driver’s and passenger’s knees showed good protection. Driver’s tibias showed marginal and adequate protection and passenger’s tibias showed good protrection. Footwell area was rated as stable. The bodyshell was rated as stable and it is capable of withstanding further loadings.

Side Impact

head, abdomen and pelvis protection was good while chest protection was marginal.

Side Pole Impact

curtain airbags meet the fitment requirements and pole impact test was performed in a version with side head protection airbags showing good protection to the head and pelvis, adequate protection to the abdomen and marginal protection to the chest.


meets the fitment rate requirements and the performance shown in the test was acceptable according to Global NCAP’s latest requirements.

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