July 9

Skoda Slavia vs VW T-Roc Air Conditioner Test | Real-Time Review

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The Ambition and Style variants get a "Climatronic" climate control unit with a touch control panel. Air vents have been provided at the rear as well. The Active variant gets a standard HVAC unit. On a hot day in Goa, the a/c functioned very well to keep us cool.

A special mention of the ventilated seats that were the cherry on the top of the cake. The Slavia also gets an 'Air Care' feature, which is essentially an inbuilt air purifier. Skoda claims that the purifier catches fine dust particles in the cabin, prevents allergens (like pollen) from entering the cabin, and absorbs any unpleasant odors. 

In my test too, AC did trip when I tried to accelerate hard but it never made it feel warm in the cabin. It was quite chilled throughout. T-Roc's throw is better but cooling is inferior as compared to Slavia. However, T-Roc manages to cool the cabin faster because of the darker glass and better flow. In my test, T-Roc registered AC cooling temperature at 7.4 degrees whereas Slavia recorded at 5.4 degrees.

Cabin temperature varied between 22-25 degrees when it was set to 16 in both cars. 

You can order temperature checking meter from Amazon here:

Info Source: TeamBHP

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