June 21

Skoda Slavia and Kushaq get the new 8″ Infotainment Screen by Panasonic | Interface Review

Here are my observations of the new 8 Inches Panasonic Screen:

  • Touch response is phenomenal. It is better than the 10" head unit that it replaces.
  • Sound quality is very good. The clarity in sound is something that we need to hear by ourselves. However, it may not be comparable to the audiophile-grade systems found in homes, but for a car, being a stock unit, it is exceptionally good.
  • Bass is decent. You will not feel the lack of it anywhere. However, due to the absence of the subwoofer, the depth in the bass is missing. But having said that, it does not sound hollow anytime.
  • Tested the music using a Poweramp music player on my Android phone. I also played the music from the Amazon music app. The phone was connected to the head unit using Bluetooth. Settings in the application also play some role here. Found the output from Poweramp better than Amazon Music. So when you are testing the head unit for the sound quality, please pay attention to the source as well.
  • The layout of the head unit is different than that of the 10" head unit it replaces.

Info Source: Team-BHP

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