April 6

Skoda Slavia Ambition AT | Initial Ownership Impressions

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In this video, I am sharing some initial ownership impressions about my Skoda Slavia Ambition AT.

Here is few quick observations:

  • Ambience lightning feels great
  • Unique ticket holder placements
  • No footwell area lights
  • Acres of space and storage spaces
  • No seat belt adjustments
  • All 5 adjustable headrests
  • 2 spoke steering feels great to hold on the highways
  • Steering feels light on the low speeds but weight up once driven hard on higher speeds
  • Reverse camera quality is above average
  • Creep is a little aggressive in 1st gear, speed has to be managed with brake
  • Glass area is too much and car feels airy
  • TC AT gear shifting is very smooth
  • MID LCD screen clarity is very poor
  • No one-touch up/down apart from driver window
  • No anti-pinch and very poor horn
  • Seats are well bolstered but some may find poor thigh support

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Skoda, Skoda Slavia

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