Skoda Auto Volkswagen India’s Big Success: Record Sales and Plans for the Future

Skoda Auto Volkswagen India, leading European carmaker, hit a turnover of about US$ 2.2 billion or Rs 18,500 crore in India FY23. They made a profit of Rs 309 crore, which is 48% higher than last time.

India 2.0 project & EVs for Audi

The big success came from their India 2.0 project, which helped them sell a bunch more cars. They're really happy about this and are planning to talk about what's next for them in India.

According to sources, they're not just stopping there—they want to make more types of cars, both regular ones and electric cars too. Skoda and VW, the popular brands, are in for some new models. They're even thinking about making electric cars for Audi right here in India!


Audi also opened six new showrooms and spruced up the existing ones to make customers happier. They're all about growing smartly and keeping their customers happy.

Porsche & Lamborghini

Porsche had a super year too, especially with their Cayenne SUVs. They even got new centers in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Lamborghini is celebrating its 60th anniversary by launching a new hybrid car called Revuelto. It's already out globally and will come to India soon.

Wage deals & E20 

The company sorted out pay deals with its workers and did some cool stuff to make their cars better for the environment. They're also getting ready to use a new kind of fuel called E20.

So, basically, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India had an awesome year, selling lots of cars and making plans to sell even more cool cars in the future.

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