October 9

September 2022 Car Sales in India | Detailed Analysis

At 355,000 units, September best month ever for carmakers in India.

Passenger vehicle sales in India have banished the blues of the past two years and are back to pre-Covid levels. In fact, September 2022 wholesale numbers have set a new monthly benchmark: 355,946 units, which constitutes 26% month-on-month growth (August 2022: 281,210).

September 2022’s record wholesales better the previous highest – July 2022’s 341,370 units by 4%, October 2022’s 334,411 units by 6.5% and March 2021’s 316,034 units by 12 percent. Comparing last month’s sales to the Septembers of the past two years, September 2022’s record tally is a 121% increase over September 2021’s 160,070 units and 30% growth over September 2020’s 272,027 units.

Info Source: AutoCar Pro

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