October 9

September 2022 Car Sales in India | Detailed Analysis

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At 355,000 units, September best month ever for carmakers in India.

Passenger vehicle sales in India have banished the blues of the past two years and are back to pre-Covid levels. In fact, September 2022 wholesale numbers have set a new monthly benchmark: 355,946 units, which constitutes 26% month-on-month growth (August 2022: 281,210).

September 2022’s record wholesales better the previous highest – July 2022’s 341,370 units by 4%, October 2022’s 334,411 units by 6.5% and March 2021’s 316,034 units by 12 percent. Comparing last month’s sales to the Septembers of the past two years, September 2022’s record tally is a 121% increase over September 2021’s 160,070 units and 30% growth over September 2020’s 272,027 units.

Info Source: AutoCar Pro

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