August 13

Safe cars from Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai

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In last few years, Maruti and Hyundai have received too much flak from the buyers who prefer safety because most of their cars like Wagon R, Swift, Santro, i10 Grand, Nios, i20 Elite etc have secured poor ratings in Global NCAP and their bodyshell was rated as poor.

This has reduced brand's image as a QUALITY brands and now they are conceived as only budget brands that provide good mileage and resale. Anyone who prefers quality and safety started looking towards Tata, VW, Skoda and Mahindra (XUV3OO).

Global C-Platform by Maruti-Suzuki

Despite their shortcomings both these passenger car brands have captured whopping marketshare of 67% (Maruti 49% and Hyundai 18%).

Here in the video I have mentioned that how Global C-Platform from Maruti-Suzuki is good if one wants to buy a safe car and if one is looking to buy a Hyundai car then he should prefer their cars that have 6 airbags which are not only convenience feature rich but provide class leading safety features as well.

With both these brands, you get peace of mind service & spare parts availability because of their massive penetration in big cities and 2/3 tier cities as well.

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