Here is the detailed review of the his new hyundai verna from one of our youtube subscriber Aryaan.

Recent stir up in Sedan Market

From the past couple of years or so the executive sedan market has stirred up quite a bit which TBH is a fresh change required since prior to that we have seen onslaught of SUVs only which had become more or less one-dimensional. The credit does go to the Europeans for re-igniting the segment with launch of their fantastic sedans, which surprisingly Indian market has taken a liking for! 

Other Sedan Options

Although I must say that the other OEMs have not been silent either and have launched their own best versions of the popular sedans and all this benefits to the end consumer since we have a buffet to choose from.

  • Honda City: For the professionals who have a relatively conservative taste there is the Honda City, which has an excellent hybrid powertrain too which promises to fill the void left by diesels and has that soothing Japanese charm about it.
  • Volkswagen Virtus: If you want a high-octane life which is wrapped up in an exquisite design there is the Volkswagen Virtus.
  • Škoda Slavia: If you want the spirit of Virtus but in a more traditional conservative format you have the Škoda Slavia.
  • Hyundai Verna: if you want something of a rich boy toy and lots of gizmos and toys packaged in a design which is unlike any other you've ever seen doesn't matter you love it or hate it then you've the Hyundai Verna which too now gets an excellent 1.5Turbo engine.
hyundai verna front

So, you see the variety and anybody who is shopping right now is having an excellent time now however I do wish we had other OEMs too like Fiat, Ford and GM!


Coming to the actual review let me start from the exteriors. The looks are definitely polarizing and there is no doubt about that and the main problem I guess is the continuous LED light bar which just looks like a CFL Tubelight but in Hyundais speak only the edges are the DRLs whereas the center piece is actually the Pilot lamp and will only light up along with the main headlight but still no doubt about the oddball UFOish looks which may not be the tastes of the conservatives

But shifting focus you get similar Parametric jewel grill design we saw in other Hyundai cars like the new i20 and it looks a lot better than say the design of the Creta IMHO but it would be a whole lot more difficult to maintain this grills' gloss black appearance thanks to the hard water deposits which will appear at the edges and a whole lot more difficult to clean on a regular basis

hyundai verna exterior

The only flaw I could find is about the indicator placement and design, the indicator is an ancient halogen type one mounted near the headlamp and too small and lowly tucked away to notice, I hoped Hyundai to do a far better job like say they did with the new Tucson where the whole LED thingy changes into indicators and Hyundai could've very easily integrated it in Verna's lightbar and created a sequential type but alas they didn't.

Side Profile

Coming to the side profile, the thing which stands out the most is the sheer length of the new Verna, its so long or at least it appears to be so much stretched out that the old Verna almost seems like it were a compact sedan! What I particularly loved are the tyre proportions, I'm so happy that Hyundai went for 205 section tyre instead of going for 185/195 section like some manufacturers do.

The alloy wheel design too is quite catchy and will appeal to the market alike though IMHO Hyundai has lost the edge when it comes to alloy wheel design(they were at the peak with alloy design like 2016 Elite i20,2017 Elantra&Tucson and 2018 facelift Creta).

verna alloy wheel design

What I didn't like though is the design mishmash between the front and rear quarter panels, you see the front fenders are quite plain jane whereas the rear panels are full of cuts and creases, it almost seems like 2 different cars have collided with each other to make the Verna and that IMHO is the most weird angle of the new Verna, I'm quite okay with the front and rear designs but this mishmash at the side profile is what sticks out like a sore thumb for me.

Rear Profile

The rear profile again like the front, gets the connected taillamp cluster we've seen of late with a lot of Korean cars although the unsung hero behind this design was the 2016 Honda BRV! 

The indicators are LEDs and placed in a slit like manner although I do suspect it to be a part of the taillamp cluster itself although I'm quite intrigued about the fact that if there is a slight damage to the rear how would one tackle it and what all parts would have to be changed even if there is a slight crack at one end. I suspect the whole cluster will be changed thereby shooting up the repair costs, one better take a good zero dep insurance out of the box!! 

hyundai verna rear profile

Like the old Verna we do get the Smart trunk feature which believe me is very very helpful when you're buying groceries or other items which require both of your hands to be occupied and you're unable to reach for the key, also ladies would also appreciate this feature since they wouldn't have to fumble for the key fob from their humongous purse in which there is a whole supermarket tucked in! 

The actual boot space has gone up as well and its even more spacious than the segment stalwart the Honda City at 528L though I'm not sure we get the 60:40 split functionality (I forgot to check that out).


The interiors have been completely revamped and almost feels like a video game parlor to me in the positive sense, the twin screen setup looks thorughly modern, the resolution is crisp, the touch response is as good as modern premium smartphones and you do get a lot of inbuilt apps as well. 

The only gripe I have with this cluster is the fact that the binnacle is a straight lift from the Venue and Carens instead of the high tech one from the Alcazar and Tucson which IMHO is more befitting to Verna given its pricing and positioning as the flagship sedan of Hyundai India range as Hyundai has pulled the plug of its premium sedans Elantra and Sonata and have no plans to revive them(although I would be the happiest if they do so along with the Palisade SUV and i30hatchback!).

The current cluster although is modern and shows all the required info it just can't match the modernity of the Alcazar's cluster, also while at it given its enhanced length where is the 360 camera along with blind spot monitoring assist with the feed directly projected onto the instrument cluster, also in today's day and age no wireless phone projection and also why the age old USB Type A port for connection, Type C is the norm nowadays!

Music system though very nice sounding has the typical Hyundai characteristic and anyone who have had used a Hyundai car before knows it, the sound has a typical front bias even with the fader set to 50:50 it feels like the sound is coming more from the front side of the car, my 2009 i20 has that with its generic 6speaker setup but even the new 2023 Verna with its Bose Hi-Fi speaker has that same characteristic too, if you aren't a chauffeur driven person then its just fine but if you are, and an audiophile at that I'm afraid you might need to change the speakers especially at the rear even if you wish to keep the head unit same. 


Apart from that the cabin has got many small and useful functions like Highline TPMS, USB Ports at the rear, an useful Battery saver feature which automatically turns off the lights if you've forgotten to do so, the MID throws up a wide range of data, Dual Trip Meter, DTE, instantaneous FE readout and a switchable kind of climate control and infotainment control layout which I think is particularly smart since it reduces clutter but at the same time retains physical dials for FATC though I'm curious about why Hyundai skipped on their famed Air Purifier system, maybe they realized more than anything else this Air Purifier and Elephants are hurting their brand image a bit too much, especially due to a YouTuber who frequently makes stomach aching satires about them 😄!?

Improved Rear Seat Space and Comfort

Now coming to the area where Verna has REALLY improved is the rear seat space, gone is that tight, hemmed in, claustrophobic feeling, the Verna now does feel more like an Elantra and that's a huge compliment to say the least.

There is acres of knee room, legroom is more than adequate and headroom too is much better and infact more real estate in Z-axis is available than even the segment stalwart, the Honda City.

The materials used are A-grade too and seat cushion too was very well judged although the door pads felt a bit hard and scratchy. The recline of the rear backrest was nice too although I hope it was adjustable even by a small margin like the erstwhile 2017 Toyota Corolla Altis.

Hyundai Verna

Speaking of rear amenities you do get Rear AC Vents along with USB Ports, ambient lighting and seatback pockets too. I sat in the N/A version which had beige upholstery and it felt extremely spacious and airy but I can assure you that even if you go for the Turbo models with full black upholstery you will still not feel claustrophobic due to the extremely spacious cabin itself, I really appreciate Hyundai for listening to the customer feedback and improving the backseat space and comfort, I have absolutely no complains in this regard now.

Drive Experience

Now coming to the most coveted part, the Drive experience. The dealership could only provide me the 1.5 N/A car with IVT since the Turbo was unavailable but they assured me that they'll arrange a TD for the same later. On startup, typically Hyundai, EV matching silence and a small wheeze from the AirCon, that's it, no vibration, no thrum, nothing. Hyundai's Diesels too were supremely refined (I can vouch for that being an owner of 2Hyundai CRDis) the gasoline cars are just at an altogether different level.

Moving on is a simple affair with drive mode set to Comfort, the car pulls cleanly and is happy pottering in typical city speeds and engine has sufficient pep at low rpms to get you moving within the town. The IVT since has no real gearshifts to perform, as a result feels smooth and analogue kind of, engine speeds are changing but you don't feel the shifts. The steering has that oily, slick feeling and typically Hyundai is one-finger light in traffic, footwells are spacious and dead pedal could even accommodate my huge 10size Skechers outdoor shoes!

Impressive ADAS Features

The ADAS features worked quite well and considering the rains and mud all around with the lane marking smudged away, I'm quite impressed with the way it behaves and intervenes only when absolutely necessary, for me though I couldn't check the emergency autonomous braking feature since applying brakes from a far distance on observing an obstacle is sort of a knee-jerk reflex for me.

Also there was the blind spot assist too which gives a warning sign on the ORVMs if any vehicle is present at your blind spot though it was not as useful for me as a seasoned driver(I started driving when Power Steering, Power windows and air conditioning were considered as luxury features and our car lacked all of those !) but for newbie Gen Z drivers who live in an über  comfortable and convenient lifestyle it would be of immense help as most of them today just don't even like shifting gears and feel it like a burden!

Handling on Challenging Roads

Due to the incessant rains and exceptional work by our civic bodies, our roads are now encrusted with potholes, cracks, puddles, broken patches and what not, though I must say the Verna handled all these stuff beautifully well, though I don't think the improvement is as remarkable as say we witnessed from the Fluidic to the last gen Verna.

Though I must say that Hyundai is heading in the right direction given the fact that they are under scrutiny when it comes to ride and handling balance of their cars. Even on bumps the car was flat, at low speed yes the car was stiff (stiffer than I expected especially given the fact that its not the performance variant) or maybe since the tyres were overinflated(IIRC they were at 38PSI). The steering too felt responsive and weighed up sufficiently well too with reasonably quick return to center action. 

I could not push the car beyond 60 since my TD was confined in the town only but if I had to summarize I liked the engine and transmission combo and Hyundai has come a very long way when it comes to their N/A petrol engine which now no longer feels wheezy and lethargic, a far cry from the 1.2Kappa i20s and 1.6Cretas of the past. Mileage too was nice, an indicated 11kmpl on the MID, very nice considering how the TD cars are abused, also while at it the TD car had run close 1500kms and considering how much abuse these cars face, I didn't feel any rattle or squeaks from the cabin at all, which felt tight.

Addressing Weaknesses and Promising Ownership Experience

All in all a very nice attempt by Hyundai in creating the new generation Verna and addressing the weaknesses of the old one, space and performance being the main ones, well with this generation they've worked greatly upon them and have converted into strengths of this new generation car, also Hyundai promises complete peace of mind with a variety of service and and extended warranty packages combinations and considering Hyundai's excellent service network and in-general fuss free ownership experience Verna does create a very compelling case for itself.

Shared by: Aryaan (Youtube Subscriber)

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