June 9

Replacing your old car? Watch this first!

Are you replacing your old car? Watch this video first. In this video, we talked about various things including repair needs or cost.

The depreciation in the first year alone will cost you 2-3 lakhs on a C2 segment sedan. Heck, 2 years of insurance premiums on the new car could take care of the repairs of your current ride.

Tip 1:

Remember, a car is built of innumerable wear & tear items which have a finite life. Accept their replacements - these parts will wear out some day. Getting rid of the entire car because of a couple of worn-out parts is like selling your house as it needs new windows & some waterproofing!

Tip 2:

If your car has otherwise been mechanically sound, there's no reason to doubt its reliability. The parts you change right now (e.g. timing belt or suspension damper) will last you for another couple of years (just like the OEM part did). Get them replaced with original parts & enjoy your car for some more years.

Tip 3:

Look through the Team-BHP Directory and find a good independent garage. Reason = the billing difference between an independent & authorised workshop can run as high as 4x! As an example, one of my earlier cars got new engine mounts for 7 - 8k from an independent. The same in the company workshop cost ~30k.

Please watch the full video for detailed information.

Info source: TeamBHP

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