Renault Nissan Automotive India Drives Healthcare to 20 Villages in Chengalpattu district in 2023

RNAIPL’s Mobile Medical Van has touched lives of close to 15,000 villagers in Chengalpattu district in 2023. Continuation of initiative launched in 2021 which covered villages in Kanchipuram district. More than 35,000 villagers have benefitted in total from this initiative in 2021 & 2023.

RNAIPL's Successful Mobile Medical Van Program in 2023

Chennai, November 28, 2023: Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd (RNAIPL) has stated that its Mobile Medical Van plan for 2023 has been completed successfully. RNAIPL's Mobile Medical Van, staffed by a doctor and two nurses, provides free medical check-ups and necessary follow-up treatment at people's doorsteps in areas with limited access to healthcare services.

Impact and Outreach: Medical Services Provided

Between January and October 2023, RNAIPL ran the Mobile Medical Van, providing free medical evaluation and first-level treatment to around 15,000 people spread throughout 20 villages in Chengalpattu district. The Medical Van ran seven days a week, Monday through Friday, visiting each of the 20 communities at least once a month to ensure regular healthcare service.

In 2023, the Mobile Medical Van conducted 180 journeys. Fever, myalgia, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, and various dermatological problems were among the main ailments detected and treated by the Mobile Medical Van. Patients were directed to government primary health care centers in neighbouring areas if their ailments were not quickly curable.

"We believe that communities that have an increased awareness of the importance of health as well as access to healthcare can better contribute to the sustainable progress of society," stated Keerthi Prakash, Managing Director of RNAIPL. 

The Mobile Medical Van program at RNAIPL is a tiny step toward making excellent healthcare more accessible to the people surrounding our facilities.

Healthcare Initiatives During COVID-19 Crisis

During the COVID-19 crisis in 2021, RNAIPL initially established the Mobile Medical Van project. In that year, the van helped around 20,000 people in 40 villages in Kanchipuram district by providing awareness and information about COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Expanded Health Services and Community Impact

RNAIPL's Mobile Medical van also provides advice on critical health issues like as dengue prevention, vaccination, anemia management, menstruation hygiene, diabetes care, and hypertension control, as well as basic health guidelines to promote a health-conscious culture.

RNAIPL's Commitment to Community Welfare

RNAIPL's commitment to make healthcare more accessible has improved the lives of many. The firm is still devoted to community welfare and is always looking for new methods to contribute to society.


Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd (RNAIPL) opened its doors in 2010 as the world's first dedicated Alliance facility. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, the factory covers 600 acres. RNAIPL serves both the local and foreign markets for Renault and Nissan. Since its inception, the facility has produced over 2.5 million Renault and Nissan automobiles, with vehicles shipped to 108 countries. Renault and Nissan have invested $1.8 billion in the Indian economy throughout that period, creating direct and indirect job and skilling possibilities for almost 70,000 persons.

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