September 18

Quick Quality Analysis of Audi e-tron, A6 and Q3 Sportback

In this video, Sunderdeep Singh does a quick quality analysis of Audi e-tron, A6 and Q3 Sportback.

Key highlights:

  • Discussion about Audi Q-Drive Event
  • Audi e-tron
  • Audi A6
  • Audi Q3 Sportback

Quattro technology

The term "quattro technology" describes a four-wheel drive (4WD) system created by the German automaker Audi. Since its initial introduction in 1980, the Quattro system has come to be identified exclusively with Audi automobiles.

A center differential is used by the Quattro system to transmit power between the front and rear axles, improving traction and stability. The system generally delivers power to the front wheels during normal driving, but it has the ability to transmit power to the back wheels if more traction is needed.

How it works?

The first-generation Quattro arrangement was mechanical and used a center differential that could be manually locked. Audi has created numerous variants of the Quattro system over the years, adding cutting-edge technologies to enhance performance and efficiency.

To distribute torque between the wheels, modern variants of Quattro may employ electronic control systems that continuously monitor a variety of factors, including wheel speed, throttle position, and steering input. This enables the system to react swiftly to altering driving circumstances and to real-time traction optimization.

Numerous Audi models, including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars, include Quattro technology. With better handling, stability, and all-weather performance, it has emerged as one of the defining characteristics of the Audi portfolio.

Please watch the video above for detailed drive and ownership review.

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