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I am a i20 elite user from last 5 years and now I want to switch to VW as I have heard so much about it’s drive quality and performance. But I have been waiting for Taigun launch and they are delaying it too much.

So should Wait for 3-4 months or should I go for T Roc. My total budget was 20 lacs. But is it worth paying 4-5 lacs extra for T Roc?

- Shreyansh Baghel

Mr Baghel,

If your budget is 20 lacs (or even little higher) then please go for VW Taigun 1.5 GT which will be heavily equipped with Convenience & Safety features. If I was in the market today I would definitely get Taigun 1.5 GT Automatic with DSG Gearbox. Because you get the same Engine of T-Roc which makes 150 PS and 250 NM Torque, is lightning fast and reliable too.

Taigun top model definitely will give a feel good factor, top notch quality and great drive pleasure similar to what T-Roc does. T-Roc has few positives in my personal opinion like better design, Europe made and better suspension (segment above too) but it has one huge negative point i.e being a CBU which brings risk for long term ownership, parts availability and expensive spares. It should never be one's primary car until VW manufactures it in India.

I hope this answers your question.


Hi Sir,

My self Hrishabh Bagwe from Mumbai. I follow your YouTube channel and would like to thank you for making such a great informative videos. They are very helpful.

Purpose of writing this mail to you is for my query on Polo’s 1.0 ltr MpI engine. I need a car for my basic use for commute and travel. Have heared people saying that engine is Less powered, is it so?

I have a strict budget of 7 lakhs, so cannot extend for TSI highline plus.

It would be great of you give your feedback on this.

- Rishabh Bagwe

Bro, first of all Polo is a gem of a car. Each part ooze Quality & remain new for years.

1.0 definitely is not a pocket rocket but serves the purpose like other naturally aspirated Engines. It has good amount of power above 1500 rpm and reaches 110 kmph with ease.

In your budget you may get Trendline or Comfortline. Please go check it out with 4 members and see it for yourself.

In this segment each car has initial lag. Tiago, I20 or Baleno


Hi Bro,

Thanks for your help. I have booked Polo trendline. We are expecting delivery by this weekend. Once again thank you very much for your suggestions.

I have also attached few clicks.

Hi Sunderdeep,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I had seen your videos. Did see them again.

I had a Honda City for almost 10 yrs. It did great, was in good condition, well maintained, periodically serviced every six months, and not a single part replaced except the brake pad a year back. It served me well till we sold it a few months back.

I am considering a SUV now in the price range of 11-18 lakhs, and Taigun/Kushaq fits my budget. I am not at all keen on Creta or Seltos, primarily because of the build quality and safety aspects.

I do know that VW/Skoda are reinventing themselves through the new MQB-IN0 platform that is heavily localised, with a renewed vigour focusing on the overall experience of the brand, especially the ownership, brand reach and after sales service experience.

I have had friends/relatives who owned/own a VW/Skoda but had/have issues with its parts availability, after sales service and high maintenance costs. This is a major deterrent to buyers when it comes to buying a VW/Skoda. Even though their cars are of high quality backed by extreme safety and features.

VW/Skoda has gone on record to correct this with the launch of Taigun/Kushaq and their new product strategy going forward.

I want a car that is safe, high quality and these two brands suit my need, and fit in the budget in this category. My only concern again arises from after sales experience, maintenance costs, parts, ownership experience, etc. that VW has struggled in the past.

In light of this, need your advice if I should go for Taigun/Kushaq in the long run since it's a long term investment on a vehicle that will serve me for another 10 years atleast (saying this given the fact that now it's as good as a relaunch/new innings for VW/Skoda with these brands in India). And which one should I go for - Taigun or Kushaq.

Look forward to hearing from you so that I can make an informed and right choice.

Thanks & regards,

Shetty Ji,

Thanks for your long message & explaining things so well. One thing is for sure, that ownership experience might not be as smooth as Honda. Honda & Toyota have great after sales experience which no other brand can match.

However, with parts availability for Kushaq/Taigun, there won't be an issue because they are having 95% localisation. Among these, it is your personal choice tbh. I actually would pick VW Taigun over Kushaq because VW has better reputation than Skoda and VW have tasted more success because of VW Polo. However, you need to check dealer reputation in your city too. In Punjab, Lally Motors VW have very good reputation and so far ownership experience for my Polo and T-Roc is definitely above average. I don't mind a day or two wait for a part as long as workmanship is perfect and car is returned back in a perfect shape/quality service.

Sadly Honda and Toyota doesn't have any inspiring products under 20 lacs. I almost booked a Civic and honestly still love it, but my wife didn't wanted a Sedan.

For you I would say, whichever you buy, please go for 1.5 TSI and 7 Speed DSG because it has unmatched power, refined Engine and must be more safety specd with 6 airbags etc. as well.

Please let me know if you have more questions. Your question will be published on my website because it is a very valid question and many will have a similar doubt in future.



What's your view..
Is Nissan kicks better engineered than creta and seltos..

- Anshuman Shahi

No, they are kind of equal. Prefer Seltos GT 1.4 GDI with 6 Airbags. It has a great & brisk class leading Turbo Engine if you are looking for a thrill. However, you should wait to test 1.5 TSI Taigun too & then make a decision as per your choice.


Sir shayad Skoda Rapid me 22 percent cess tax nahin lagega kyunki engine 1200 cc se less hai.Length 4 metre se jyada hai but non suv and engine 1200 cc se less hone ki vajah se cess tax 22 percent nahin lagega.Please correct me if I am wrong.

- Devashish Pandey

Sir, a car with Engine less than 1200 cc but size above 4 m attracts 15% cess, not 22%

Good catch 👍👍

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